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4.0 ( 9360 ratings )
Amusement Onderwijs
Developer: KEINS

A photograph is taken and drawn.
It reads in a camera roll and draws.
Of course, even if it writes instead of a memo freely, it ok.
"toru" And it "kaku" pleasure infinite

After scribbling, it can change a display / un-displaying of a photograph.

* universal it is an application.
You can use by both iPhone and iPad in one.

Functional explanation
・ A setup is freely possible in the color of a brush and a background.
・ Those with a brush which draw a circle and a square (rotation is possible).
・ Blow-off drawing function
・ Brush size can be freely set up in 1-100.
・ Undoing, redo, those with full-clear functional.
・ Read from a camera roll and the preservation to a camera roll is possible.
・ In a file in preparation, preservation is possible to 100 pieces in an application.
・ It is also possible to use the photograph taken with the camera as it is.
・ In an image, processing with gray scale or sepia is possible.
・ The color of a photograph is also acquirable if an add-on syringe is used.
・ It is possible to lean a screen and to move canvas.

* "torukaku" aims at the ability to also play a child, and messages are using a hiragana and katakana.
There is a sister application "paint" which is using the Chinese character for a message etc.
Please keep in mind that the add-on of "torukaku" and a "paint" is not a share.